7 of the Best DIY Home Staging Tips for Fall

home staging tips for fallFall is just around the corner and with it comes school for little ones and a little more time for parents. Fall is a great time to sell your home! However, in any home, a little staging can go a long way. It helps potential buyers imagine their own things in the home and can get a better idea of space. We at Infinity Realty have helped our clients all along the home selling process and have some amazing home staging tips for fall. These will help your home sell in a fraction of the time!

Home Staging Tips for Fall

  1. Give nods to the season– Here in Charleston, fall may be on the calendar in September however we won’t feel the cooler temperatures for weeks after. Give a nod to the fall season by accenting with fall colors. This can be in many ways. Pillows, candles, inexpensive throw rugs, and much more.
  2. Enhance your fireplace– When we think of fall, we think cozy and warm. Keep this feeling going when you stage your fireplace. Decorate the mantle with candles and seasonal flowers. Rearrange your living space to have the fireplace as the focal point to show you can spend many an evening enjoying the space with lively conversation.
  3. Play with a scent to bring back fond memories– We all have great memories of baking with loved ones. Do that with potential buyers by having scents throughout your home. One inexpensive way to do this is a simmer pot. Fall scents like apple, cinnamon, vanilla, and more can really make your house smell like a home.
  4. Stage the outside for fall– In our home staging tips for fall or anytime, we stress to not forget the outdoors. Charleston’s history is filled with porches and can still be seen today. Welcome anyone into your home by placing a few seasonal plants at the door. They add beautiful color as well.
  5. Keep your home well lit- Since the days are getting shorter, be sure to keep all of your rooms bright. This will help the buyer to see all of the amazing potential in your home and how their items will fit nicely in it. If you have a daytime showing, be sure to open all the curtains and blinds. If it’s an afternoon showing, turn on all the lights.
  6. Comfort is key– When thinking about home staging tips for fall, comfort is a top priority. It goes back to the cozy feeling we all want when the weather cools down. This can easily be achieved with throw blankets. Pick ones that exude comfort and luxury. Examples would be faux fur, lavish feeling materials like cashmere, and fluffy cotton. Anything that makes you want to curl up with a good book.
  7. Don’t go overboard– Anytime you are selling your home, realtors recommend that you remove a lot of the items from your walls and home. Buyers need to see the space that is there. This also goes with staging. A little will go a long way.

We hope that these few home staging tips for fall will help you decorate your home. As you can see, we at Infinity Realty will help our clients through every step of the home buying and selling process. We have our finger on the pulse of the housing market here in Charleston and will do whatever it takes to find you your ideal home. Contact us today and let’s start your search!

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