Discover the History Behind the Summerville Sweet Tea Trail

Summerville Sweet Tea TrailHere in Charleston, we are known for many things. Historic homes, great restaurants, beaches, fun activities, and generally being a great place to visit and live. We at Infinity Realty love helping friends and clients find out new and interesting aspects of this great area. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a new restaurant, a new neighborhood, or even a park. One fun and educational activity that you can check out in Charleston is the Summerville Sweet Trail. This is a self-guided activity that you can visit as many times as you like or you can celebrate with one of the annual events. Let’s check out how you can spend some time on the Summerville Sweet Tea Trail.

Summerville Sweet Tea Trail

The Summerville Sweet Tea Trail is located in downtown Summerville which besides this, is a great place to visit. It is filled with lots of local shops, a few eateries, and just gives off the vibe of a beautiful Southern town. Before you head out be sure to have your first stop be at the visitor center. This is where you can learn more about the trail and pick up some brochures and maps so you can plan out your time there.

There are 5 districts in Summerville that all have something to do with sweet tea. They are business, historic, garden, colonial, and plantation. While you are looking at maps and planning your time, be sure to check out the many shops that feature sweet tea in some shape or form. It doesn’t just come in a glass, here they are very innovative in sweet tea and can make many things out of it. Some examples of ways you can enjoy sweet tea on the Summerville Sweet Tea Trail would be to look for bakeries that feature sweet tea jelly, sweet tea cupcakes, and more. Moving away from sweets you can check out savory dishes that are marinated in sweet tea like pork or chicken which gives the meat a tender and slightly sweet taste to it. Lastly, another way to experience sweet tea is with a relaxing spa experience. Many spas use a sweet tea scrub to help invigorate the skin.

Sweet Tea Events

As we mentioned before, there are a few annual events that also help promote sweet tea in the Summerville area. The first is the Sweet Tea Half Marathon. This is a race that is not only fun but the funds go back into the community. This year’s race will be held in November. Lastly, be on the lookout for the Sweet Tea Festival. Held in downtown Summerville, this year it will be held in September at Hutchinson Square. There will be live music, lots of tea, and fun for everyone. Besides this, another reason to consider going to the Sweet Tea Festival would be to be able to tour lots of gorgeous historic homes. These tours are offered free at the festival and be sure to have a look at the detailed map to see which ones will be on the tour.

As you can see, in every corner of Charleston, there is something new and wonderful to discover. Having amazing activities like this is one of the many reasons why so many people enjoy not only visiting our area but living here as well. If you are looking to buy a house here in Charleston, consider using a local realtor like us at Infinity Realty. Our team knows the area well and can find you the perfect Charleston home. Contact us today and start searching for your next house!

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