Historic Carriage Rides in Charleston


Charleston carriage toursIf you have ever been in downtown Charleston, you have most likely seen a horse and buggy in the streets. Don’t think we have banned cars from downtown, this is just a tour group enjoying one of the many carriage rides in Charleston that are happening that day. There are many ways to enjoy a day in our fair city and going on one of the many Charleston carriage tours that are offered is a fantastic way to get to know our city. We at Infinity Realty have taken many carriage rides in Charleston over the years and have recommended them to friends and family as well. Come see the many ways you can enjoy carriage rides in Charleston.

There are three outstanding companies to choose from when it comes to carriage rides in Charleston. The first is Old South Carriage Co. and you can tell them apart from others by the red sash each of the tour guides wear. They have a few tours to choose from, the first being their traditional 1-hour residential tour. This is where you will get over 300 years of history in the form of facts and stories. Enjoy the views of mansions, their pristine gardens, churches, and more on this fantastic tour. Looking for a more intimate setting? Check out their tours for groups of 2-5 where you will get a more in-depth look at Charleston’s history. Feel free to ask questions, their tour guides are Charleston experts! You will notice the types of horses they use, which are only Percheron and Belgian draft horses. These types of horses are known to carry a lot of weight and are outfitted with special rubber soles to help them absorb the shock of walking. When not on tours, these horses enjoy grazing on a 65-acre plantation on Johns Island. 

Next up for amazing carriage rides in Charleston is Classic Carriage Works. They have tours set up for visitors that start at 9 am and stop at 5 pm. Their tours typically last about an hour and there are many to choose from. They have some that are perfect for children, as well as some that are for adults only. They have two great tours that set them apart from the others, their Slavery to Freedom tour as well as their Civil War tour. Each of these tours gives visitors an unparalleled glimpse into not only the impact of slavery in Charleston but also how the Civil War changed Charleston and set us up for our modern city. You will be able to spot them easily with their green carriages. This company is also perfect for those who are looking to add a little something special to an event

If you are looking for a some of the best carriage rides in Charleston but also the ability to combine that with other tours, then you must check out Palmetto Carriage. Your tour at Palmetto Carriage begins and ends at their Red Barn which is a great place to mingle with other visitors, interact with their horses, and purchase any snacks or drinks you may want before the trip. Each of their tours is 1 hour and are filled with stories of the rich history of Charleston. Like we mentioned before, at Palmetto Carriage you can combine and save on multiple tours in Charleston. Choose from walking tours, haunted tours, harbor tours, and more. You will learn a lot from this company as they are the oldest Charleston carriage tour company in Charleston.

As you can see, when you have a rich history like Charleston does, everyone wants to learn about it. Our history, and how we continue to celebrate it, is one of the top reasons why so many people flock to Charleston not only for vacations but to live as well. When you do decide to make Charleston your home, be sure to put your trust into a local realtor like us at Infinity Realty. We know Charleston inside and out and can help make your transition to Charleston life smooth. Contact us today and let us help you find your next Charleston home.

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