Why Palmetto Islands County Park is Absolutely Worth a Visit

SPalmetto Islands County Parkince summer is closely approaching, there are a lot of things on our mind. First, for those of us who have families, is what fun things we can do with our kids which also goes hand in hand with the rising temperatures. The weather makes us want to go outside now before it gets too warm. We at Infinity Realty love being out and about in Charleston and seeing everything that could be fun to do. One place we highly recommend to just about everyone, singles, couples, families, and especially those new to Charleston, Palmetto Islands County Park. Why you may ask? Read on to see how you can easily spend a day out in nature and seeing the best side of Charleston.

About Palmetto Islands County Park

If you are not familiar with the area, you may be wondering where Palmetto Islands County Park is. It’s located in Mt. Pleasant off of Long Point Road. The first visit there may be slightly confusing because you have to drive to the back of a neighborhood to reach it. But trust us, it’s worth the drive. Admission is just a few dollars per person and there are plenty of things to do to occupy your time while you are there. If you decide you like being at the park, we recommend getting an annual pass that is not only good for admission to the Palmetto Islands County Park but all of the parks in the system which include several all around town. It also gives you admission to many of the yearly events which are a lot of fun.

Activities at Palmetto Islands County Park

You may be wondering what you could do to fill a day when there are only 943 acres. Believe us, it’s pretty easy!

  1. Trails- The trails at Palmetto Islands are some of the best around. There is a combination of paved and natural trails that makes it ideal for anyone. The paved trails are great for walking, running, bikes, and more. Off of the paved trails there are multiple natural trails which jut out into the marshes and can give you amazing views of the area and our natural ecosystem. We recommend walking as many of them as you can and bring a camera!
  2. Splash Island- This is a very popular spot in the summer months. It does have a separate admission fee but you and your family will have a wonderful time there! It has bigger slides for big kids and adults and smaller slides for younger kids. For the smallest swimmers it has a great splash pad that has slides, sprays, and waterfalls for everyone to enjoy. For those of us who enjoy being lazy, there is a relaxing lazy river.
  3. Docks- Located on the Horlbeck Creek, there are many ways to be on the water at Palmetto Islands County Park. You can fish or go crabbing, take pictures, go kayaking, and so much more. Be sure to try and spot as many local animal residents as you can!
  4. Playgrounds- There are multiple play areas at Palmetto Islands County Park. The most popular one is called The Big Toy and features slides, swings, climbing areas, and covered seating for parents. Another great place to explore is the Observation Area. It has a play area on the lower levels but a high observation area for those who enjoy seeing as much as this area has to offer.

As you can see, not only can you enjoy a day at Palmetto Islands County Park but many days. There is always something to see or do in any season. Having fun places like this all over Charleston is one of the main reasons that families not only love to visit Charleston but also live here. If you are thinking of buying a home near one of these parks, consider using a local realtor who has their finger on the pulse of what is going on here in Charleston. Consider using us at Infinity Realty. Contact us today and begin your search for your next Charleston home.

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