These Are Some of the Most Fantastic Park Circle Restaurants

Park Circle restaurantsWhen you are looking for a great place to eat in Charleston, there is no shortage of eateries to choose from. You also know that they are spread out all over the area, which may not always be ideal. We at Infinity Realty understand that getting to know a new area can be very frustrating and overwhelming so we wanted to take some time and show you the best Park Circle restaurants. This area is so fun and amazing that you will want to spend a lot of time there.

About Park Circle

If you are unfamiliar with the area, Park Circle is a neighborhood located in North Charleston. With its ease to many others areas via 526, it truly is a central location. The area over the past decade or so has gone through a revitalization phase where many new and local restaurants, shops, and other businesses have set up their home base in Park Circle. Couple that with affordable homes and you have the makings for a great area.

Top Park Circle Restaurants

  1. Sesame Burgers– Any time we want to mention restaurants in Charleston, we have to mention these guys. They have multiple locations around Charleston and the group also owns Five Loaves, another local favorite. Be sure to check out their daily specials!
  2. Lotus– The newest of the Park Circle restaurants, Lotus has amazing Vietnamese food in a fun and hip atmosphere. They are open for lunch and dinner so have a look at their menus.
  3. Fratellos– If you are looking for delicious Italian cuisine, then you must try out Fratellos. They take pride in their recipes which they have been using for generations. They have pasta, salads, meat dishes, and sumptuous wines to pair with it.
  4. Park Pizza– There is so much to say about Park Pizza. Their combinations are innovative and fantastic. This also rings true for their salads as well. One thing to know about them is that they are a carry-out or delivery only place which can be fun if you are headed to a park for a picnic.
  5. Básico– Heading south of the border to another great Park Circle restaurant, Básico. They have fresh and interesting dishes that marry the South with Mexican cuisine. Also, their handcrafted cocktails are the perfect combination to any meal.
  6. EVO– If you are looking for pizza and to dine in the restaurant, we have to suggest EVO. You will see by the usual wait that it’s a popular place. They pride themselves on local ingredients for their pizzas, salads, and even the beer. Be sure to pop in their bakery for a dessert after your meal!

As you can see, there is a lot of great Park Circle restaurants. When you have all these great businesses in one area, it can be an ideal place to live. We at Infinity Realty have our finger on the pulse of Charleston and keep up with the trends not only in the marketplace but in Charleston in general. This is one of the main reasons why so many people enjoy using a local realtor when looking to buy or sell property in Charleston. Contact us today and let us help you find your perfect Charleston home.

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