How to Get Involved With the Preservation Society of Charleston

Preservation Society of CharlestonAs we all know, Charleston is filled with history. It is one of the main draws of visitors to our fair city. Charleston’s history can be seen in so many ways. It could be a homes tour, a restaurant that was once a church, a cobblestone street, and much more. However, there is one group that strives to keep Charleston’s history alive for the coming generations. The Preservation Society of Charleston is an amazing organization. They do so much for our area. We at Infinity Realty take pride in our city and love to support the society when we can. Read on to see how you can be a part of the Preservation Society of Charleston.

About the Preservation Society of Charleston

The society started over 90 years ago in 1920. A woman named Susan Pringle Frost started it all. It is the oldest community-based preservation society in Charleston. The reason the need for it arose is to save the 1802 Joesph Manigault House. A small group helped to restore it as well as put zoning laws into place to help preserve it for years to come.

Today, they are still doing the same thing. They see a need in the community to restore and preserve our beautiful older homes and history. They also give tours to help raise money for the society as well as showcase stunning Charleston architecture.

How to Be a Part of the Society

There are so many ways to be a part of the Preservation Society of Charleston. You can choose your level of involvement from just a little to heavily involved.


If you are looking to give to the Preservation Society of Charleston, they would be truly grateful. They rely on the financial support of member and donors to help them keep Charleston historic. It also helps sustain their educational efforts. If no one knows why it’s important to keep our historic homes then no one will care to.

For those who donate at least $1,000, you will be included in the Susan Pringle Frost Circle. This group not only has helped impact the future of Charleston but they receive invitation-only events, newsletters, and more


Another way to devote your time and money to the Preservation Society of Charleston is to join. Memberships are very affordable and make great gifts. Students are $25, Individual is $50 and a Family is $75. When you join, you will receive the following:

  • Their signature publication, Preservation Progress
  • e-Progress, our electronic newsletter
  • Invitations to the quarterly membership lecture and reception, other special events and educational trips to various historical sites and gardens
  • Updates on urgent planning and preservation issues as they arise
  • A 10% discount on Fall Tour tickets and items in their shop


There are two events that are a lot of fun for not only the Preservation Society of Charleston but for us as well. These are the Fall Tour of Homes and Charleston Heritage Symposium.

  • Fall Tour of Homes– This is a 3-week long event every October. This year it is October 6th-30th. They have various tours all over Charleston, each highlighting something different. Each section of Charleston has something unique to offer. Be sure to have a look at all of the various tours as they are all interesting.
  • Charleston Heritage Symposium– This is October 7th-9th this year. The theme this year is Family Connections. Join the society as they show the vast influences that shaped our city. This year’s keynote speaker is the Duke of Devonshire.

As you can see, the Preservation Society of Charleston is doing an amazing job at keeping Charleston historic. Considering purchasing your own slice of Charleston history? Check out how we help our clients at Infinity Realty. From looking at houses until the keys are in your hands, my team will make your transition smooth. Contact us at Infinity Realty today and start picturing yourself in Charleston!

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