The City of Folly Beach is a Great Place to Be

Folly Beach SCCharlestonians and visitors alike all have something to say about our beaches. Everyone has a favorite for their own reason. Some like IOP, others Sullivan’s Island, some swear that Edisto is the best. However, there is one beach that we all have made the trek to and enjoyed every minute of it, Folly Beach SC. Known to everyone as the Edge of America, its moniker is justified in that it can take most of us a hot minute to get there. Since the beach is so well known, we at Infinity Realty wanted to take some time out and expand on the City of Folly Beach SC and explain why we love the area so much.

The first reason why we all love the City of Folly Beach is the attitude that is exuded by all. It is a very carefree, laid back attitude that you can’t help but adopt and enjoy. It seems as if everyone is in vacation mode, whether you are in the middle of your work day or taking some time off. It’s hard to not relax and save your cares for another day while visiting Folly Beach SC.

The City of Folly Beach is teeming with the most delectable restaurants around. Scores of seafood places line up one after the other. It’s hard not to make a living as a restaurant owner when most of your food is swimming only a few hundred feet away from your door. A couple of examples of great seafood restaurants in Folly Beach SC are Folly Beach Crab Shack and Rita’s. Each of these places is local and fresh! If you aren’t a seafood lover, that is ok, there are plenty of other restaurants for you to choose from. One scrumptious restaurant is Taco Boy. This taqueria/cantina takes some of the freshest ingredients around and turns them into the most delicious tacos and when you pair one of their homemade margaritas with them it makes a meal you will never forget.

Folly Beach is a place where anyone at any age can have an amazing time. Besides frolicking in the surf, there are a ton of fun activities that will keep you busy throughout your visit.  Taking a friend and learning something new, like paddle boarding will give y’all stories and memories to last a lifetime. Surfing is a popular pastime on Folly Beach. There are scores of amateur and seasoned surfers who enjoy the waves right next to the fishermen. For the history buff, taking a trip to see the Morris Island lighthouse is a must. While you can’t visit the lighthouse, you can get a spectacular view off of East Ashley Ave.

If you want to reel in the next big catch, or just watch others fishing, take a stroll on the Folly Beach pier. Walking down this incredible pier you will see fishermen of all sorts. Some for fun, others in a competition, others just learning. The pier is a wonderful gathering place where you can shop, eat or enjoy a fun mixer event.

While the City of Folly Beach is small it still has some unique shops. All of these local stores all have one thing in common; they love Folly Beach and want to make sure you are prepared for a fun visit. Make sure you check out the surf shops, they will have everything you need to enjoy a day on the water, including lessons and rentals. Be sure you buy yourself something that will always remind you of the perfect day you had on Folly Beach.

There are some people that go visit the City of Folly Beach and never want to come home. It’s hard to want to leave a place that is such a wonderful small community. Contact my wonderful team at Infinity Realty and we can search our listings to make your dream of living in this idyllic town a reality.


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